YN Jay – HAHAHA ft. Lil Yachty

YN Jay - HAHAHA ft. Lil Yachty Mp3 Download

– HAHAHA ft. Mp3 Download

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YN Jay & Lil Yachty Lyrics


(Yeah, Baby, you did this one)

I got a gun so big, I bet I could stop time if I shoot this bitch
An eight ball so motherfuckin'—
I got an eight ball, yeah, this shit straight drop, she gon' drop dead if she ooh this bitch
Nigga tried kill his bitch, damn
Nigga tried to domestic violence, escalated, went too far, I'm finna shoot this bitch
Fourth down, two point conversion, I'ma poont this bitch
Damn, I mean punt this bitch
Freak bitch ain't never had sex— ah
Freak bitch ain't never had good dick, I'm finna hump this bitch
Naw, I don't really wanna fuck, bitch, suck this dick
Freak bitch— damn
Freak bitch forgot to put on fuckin' deodorant and came out on some musty shit
Bitch walk around with wrinkled feet, on some crusty shit
I'll have Malik blaze you bad, on some dusty shit
Nigga pulled up in an old-school, but it was really old-school on some rusty shit
Switch my mag 'round, it's a double clip
I done came through with the bundle clip
WWE, I'm on some rumble shit
If you don't like me, I'm on some fuck you shit
If I pull my gun out, I'ma bust you quick
Boomin' on Westbrook, on my Russell shit
Damn, I'll have the whole motherfuckin' street slappin'
Baby on the track, got the beat slappin'
Ready for ap'— damn, aight
Ready for applause, got my heat clappin'
Ready for the fuckin' studio, I'll keep rappin'
Fuck the rap game, I'll keep trappin'
Traphouse beat, I'll keep slappin'
Bitch suckin' dick all night, got her knees ashy

Hahahaha, hahaha, hahahaha (Go)

In the name of the Lord, we need all the M's (Go)
Can you stack them blue hundreds up above the rim?
Minor twenty thousand dollar certified gem
Oh, that boy a hard-head, hit him in his Crimson Chin (Boom)
I done took a few L's, but I was born to win (Slatt)
Really what I rap, ask those who swore me in (Blitt)
We ain't really seen him, are you sure he swore he came?
Must ain't eat for long, how his gang starvin'
Fucked more hoes than Spellman grad class, glad I skipped class
Really should've been in ICU how I sip glass
If bullets get to flyin', bet the biggest one run fast
My Bentayga and Maybach same contrast (Go)

Was seventeen usin' big Benz for DoorDash
Couldn't get a rack, now I'm thankful to sort cash
My brother smiled when he beat his trial, he grew up foul (Yeah)
Pray to God he stay up out the streets for a little while (Yes)
Gave mama 40K the other day, I need a new pile
My sister want a new car, my papa want a new gun
I'm bustin' in my shorty every time I want a new son (Yes)
I'm grippin' this bitch hair while gettin' mouth, she need a new bun
I used to be the joke that people spoke, I think that we won
We pull up fifty deep there anyway, they like, “What he on?”
A millionaire, but my young niggas still get them P's gone
I never sip on drank around Pee, but when he gone, it's time
Pour that shit up

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