Roc Marciano & The Alchemist – Deja Vu

Roc Marciano & The Alchemist - Deja Vu Mp3

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Roc Marciano & The Alchemist – Deja Vu Lyrics

People I was blessed with the talents of rhythm
It's a form of music, it's, it's in everything
This shit amazing
Uh, the sense of direction when it comes to (Uh)
Clarity of music, listener appreciation (You felt this, right?)
Do what you feel, ya know?
And then you, then you can make other people feel the feeling

The feeling
The same thing that created the tree created me
The same element that creates the wind and the rain created woman
God is everyone and everywhere

Safe to assume that I had a breakthrough
I made reservations for two
Might feed your label to my dog like table food
These niggas the same, they all interchangeable
Different day, same shit, kid, I'm having déjà vu
The snake got two faces like a Gemini
I'm way too player to not womanize (Womanize)
Everything I said in a rhyme is sex being weaponized
Underneath cover like it's espionage (No one knew you were there literally)
I made God of my likeness
Pardon my niceness (I'm nice)
For me to line you, don't need a barber's license (Nope)
Might click off your light switch, but my heart is righteous
As an artist, I'm often slighted
Y'all must be on that Barbra Streisand (Coked up)
High like the coke prices, sacrifice the goat as lifeless
Ho said the homie gaslighting, that's what she told a psychic
I was just gassin' that old white bitch (Gassin')
Listen, this is clairvoyance (Clairvoyance)
I brought the stick for the voyage (Bring it)
The crest on the Gucci knit embroidered
In my forties, I'm still looking boyish (Yup)
What's inevitable can't be avoided
Disappointed, the snitch pointed
Feds kicked the door of my joint, but the brick was in the toilet
No OGs to give us pointers, we bending corners
Shorty could've been on the Hornets knocking down three-pointers
The release is water

People always said that about me, I ignored it
So in the process, you, you know everything, you know
That isn't in your group
You know, to create, you have to become selfish
Partner, I don't run into that

But I just seen it
I got this whole idea of what I just seen in my head
Maybe a week before that I went shopping
And pull the record out, first record, “Do, do, do, do-do-do-do-do”
We start looking around the room like, “This shit is too easy, man”

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