LYRICS: Ava Max – Maybe You’re the Problem

Ava Max - Maybe You're the Problem Lyrics

– Maybe You’re the Problem Lyrics. Read and enjoy – Maybe You’re the Problem Lyrics below:

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It’s not me, it’s you
It’s not me, it’s you
It’s not me, it’s you

I think to myself, I open my eyes
You hate my friends, turns out they were right
It takes two, to make it all go right

But with you, it’s always my fault
And your short fuse, just like a timebomb
And I think you should take a second
Just to look at your reflection
Baby, maybe you’re the problem
Okay, you, you see a pattern
Your point of view, got it all backwards
You should take your little finger, and just point it in the mirror
Baby, maybe you’re the problem

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