How to Use And Make Legit Money on Palmpay

How to use and make money on Palmpay

PalmPay is an e-wallet and online payment platform that offers financial services to users via its mobile app. This article is all about PalmPay features, how to use and also make money.

On PalmPay, you can send money to other users, receive funds into your account, withdraw to your bank account, settle bills and recharge airtime. The reward points you receive after some transactions can be redeemed any time you like.

Make Money on PalmPay: This article will explain how you can make money via the PalmPay mobile app with your phone.

Palmpay Cash Spree is a special promotion offered to all Palmpay users that allows you to earn up to N2,000 in a single day, depending on your ability and commitment.


How to use and make money on Palmpay

How to Make Money on PalmPay

You can earn more than N20,000 if you complete the process correctly, depending on your ability to complete the work.

  1. To start earning, click Here and follow the instruction
  2. Click on Give Hand to fill out your mobile number and submit
  3. Proceed, you must download and register for the palmpay app to get your first free N2000
  4. Click this link Here and following the instructions to download.
  5. You are now a member of the palmpay app after registering.
  6. Then launch the app and tap on the Cash Spree area on the main menu.
  7. Then, from the part, choose the amount you’d like to calm.
    N500, N1000, and N2000 are the starting points.
  8. You can choose one, complete the task and proceed to withdraw your earnings.



Is PalmPay legit?

PalmPay is 100% legitimate and very safe to use. Your deposits are insured by the NDIC. PalmPay is owned and managed by a company called Transsnet. Transsnet is a partnership venture between NetEase and Transsion Holdings, the manufacturers of Tecno Mobile and Infinix, and iTel.