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Lil Migo – Cheated Lyrics

Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system
At the tone, please record your message
You could have fucked anybody, but you chose me
You’s a whole fucking clown
This’ll bring you nothing but bad karma for the rest of your life (Phew, yeah)

I might as well have cheated on you (You, uh, phew, phew)
As much as you accuse me of cheating (Damn)
I might as well have lied to you (Should of, phew, phew, phew)
As much as you accuse me of lying, I might as well (Go)

You say that I’m lying, you say that I’m cheating (Say that I’m—)
I’m just a street nigga stuck in these streets (I’m just a—)
I’m just a nigga in love with the cheese (I’m just a—)
Took you to some places that you never seen (Damn)
Bought you some diamonds, karats in your rings (Ice)
Came up from nothing, this shit was a dream (Phew)
Promise to me that can’t nothing come in between (Uh)
The love that I got for you, I really mean
Love that I got for the trap was the same love I gave you, I gambled and crapped (Crapped)
Forty thousand in my mouth (Ice), I can open my shit up and light up the house (Bling)
Bougie, but you get the Crown (Crown), I hate when you sad and you catching frowns (Why?)
You was the one held me down (Down), the love that we had, we built from the ground (The ground)
Should’ve cheated, ayy (Migo), couldn’t stop cheating
Trapper turned rapper, how I get this far? Bitches keep grabbing at me

I should have cheated (Cheated), cheated on you (Oh, baby)
As much as you accused me of cheating (Why?)
I might as well have lied to you (Should’ve)
As much as you accuse me (Should’ve, should’ve) of lying, I might as well

[Verse 2]
Pointing the blame (Pointing), shit’ll never be the same (Nope)
You done let all this money and all these hoes (Phew, phew), nigga can’t forget the fame (Beep)
Come between this shit we had (Had), on life, I had to grasp (Grasp)
Realized we ain’t a match, so my feelings, they had to scratch
Diamond on my pinky ring (Ice), Forgis on my brand new car (Skrrt)
I can have everything in the world (Huh), shit won’t heal your heart (Nope)
And I’m sorry for the scars (Scars), hate how we fell apart (‘Part)
You always played your part, I cuffed a extra deck of cards (Let’s go)
Should’ve cheated, ayy, damn (Migo)
Baby, what’s pain without lesson? (Lesson)
Tired of writing messages and I’m steady stressing, wondering, guessing how this shit happen (Phew)

I should cheated (Cheated), cheated on you (Oh baby, Migo)
As much as you accused me of cheating (Why?)
I might as well

Who the fuck is this bitch calling my motherfucking phone and shit
Saying y’all fucking and shit? (Should’ve)
Who the fuck is this ho? (Should’ve)
You got me fucked up (Should’ve)
When I see this ho, I’ma beat her ass
But to be real, you can have all these hoes
Fuck you and fuck these hoes, motherfucker

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