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– Homecoming Mp3 Download

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Lil Jairmy – Homecoming Lyrics

Yeah, these niggas claim they sip codeine, but I done spilt more lean (Split more)
Your ho keep goin' below my belt, she keep spittin' on me (She keep spittin' on me)
Got a filthy mouth (Uh, uh), I kicked her out, bitch, ain't no kissing on me (Ain't no kissing on me)
Is you serious? Hell you thought this was? (Ain't no kissing on me, woah)
I know this freak ho don't like me ‘cause my money long (‘Cause my money long)
I swear I spent a couple million on this Styrofoam (Yea, on my Styrofoam)
When they first had turned their back on me, feel like my heart was gone (Gonе)
Ran them racks up, dog, after a while I fеlt better alone (I felt better alone)
I just want your head and throat, ho, I ain't trynna lead you on (Lead you on)
All the niggas you was fuckin' with broke, that ain't my business, nah, to each his own (Nah, to teach his own)
If I want it, baby, I'ma beat you home (Beat you home)
Say she ridin' with me right or wrong (Yeah)
She goin' all skin like cortisone (Cortisone)
I just walked in with my boxers on (My boxers on)
My one shawty on clock for me (Clock), I ain't taking pictures with my Glock showin' (My Glock showin')
Pray to God if a bitch try foolin' me
We don' t leave the thing, she not goin' (She not goin')
I need a lot of cheese, that good weed, and lean pourin' (And lean pourin')
Swear a bitch just blocked me, she said that I'm too toxic for her (For her)
But this said in peace, just sellin' keys, still runnin' 'round with them dope boys (Trap)
Instead of beating these felonies, you make no noise (No noise), I got four lawyers (I got four lawyers)
I done ran me some Ms up at an early age, I'm not normal (You niggas so normal)
Old ass nigga, watch me try to keep up (Trap), make ‘em work harder (Made 'em work harder)
Give a fuck ‘bout no time piece, just tell Touch I got four arms (Tell Touch)
Which one would you rather the Patek or the AP? Nigga, I just want both of ‘em (Two, both of 'em)
I don't ever pick the phone up, bitch, stop switching my phone number (Brrt, phone number)
I just hit her with the stiff arm, I ain't even trynna get no dog from her (Dog)
New fit, new whip every day like a nigga goin' to homecoming (Homecoming)
I just put the murder gang down (Phew) on a ho, now she can't stop coming (Uh, stop coming)
Lot of niggas trynna cop something, just woke up with my phone jumping (Brrt, brrt)
Say you the one they getting swear from, I'm like, “Damn, bae, you might know somethin'” (Know somethin')
They ain't checkin' if I had a good day, when they call, they just wanna hold somethin' (Hold somethin')
Try to take stress away, I just poured a four up and had a foursome (Yeah, foursome)
Thoughts on my brain never go away, try not to think about it (Try not to think about it)
Barely taking care of myself, nowadays, I be taking care of everybody (I be taking care of everybody)
If it ain't affecting my family, faith, and my bankroll, I can't care about it (Care about it)
She could fuck with every dope boy, every rap nigga, every ball player and I won't lose hair about it (Every player)
Ask me am I worried ‘bout it (Worried 'bout it)
Niggas sneak dissing, I won't respond, but you gon' hear about it (Hear about it)
Now they know that I'm serious about it (Serious about it)
I don't pick and choose how I'd put this bitch on anybody (Anybody)
Pull up we want plenty bodies (Plenty bodies)
Shoot it like I'm near sirens (Near sirens)

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