DOWNLOAD MP3: Jdot Breezy – No Name Dropping

Jdot Breezy – No Name Dropping

Jdot Breezy – No Name Dropping Mp3 Download

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Jdot Breezy – No Name Dropping Lyrics

Things on my nike tech *** high don’t
Got time for that you come out snatching
That bitch’s *** so charge it to the
Game and run you up a check ***

*** hurt me almost fell in love with
Her imma bounce back with a new ***
Anyway let paul kill ain’t no love for a
Scrub baby i’m a thought *** in a club

With my *** bucking we sent slaws out
I spent 5 000 on some guns they know i
Get *** done drop them funds my ***
Bring back heads and chase *** that

Run i don’t blew a hundred thousand with
My *** in one month i would spin it
In on dumb *** get that back and ***
It up could have been dropped the chain

Could have been dropped the ring but
What i been did was slid most of the
Gain i’ll call the brain i throw this
*** away i don’t give a *** about no

Fame a *** play with me i’m crashing
So don’t say my *** name all these
*** ass *** playing it till they
See they brought a brain that’s the

Outcome of this *** when you think
Playing with me a game i got aim i say
One word and they blast *** cut them
Shoot us pay i said bro get on your ass

*** 30 to his face
Bloody bottom i got spikes on my toes
They say diamonds losing value so i
Might just keep the gold in the trenches

With my *** i get money in my souls
I’m with backstreet my bro say hit his
Line you need them *** i can make your
Dog slime you out *** took my brother

*** so that’s the *** i’m sliding
Bout i can’t let it go he gone forever
It’s straight slaughterhouse we come
With automatics man these *** don’t

Bought the reaper
*** take this dick hoe just keep it
Down put your legs behind your head just
Lay down i’ma beat it down i ain’t bust

Yet i’m out this ass *** just turn
Around watch your back and they call me
Breezy while i dig you out yeah
I got bodies i get *** found jump off

In that water and try doubt i better
*** drown shoot this *** for four
Minutes we came with 100 rounds *** we
Do no missing jump out

I just bought a new crew that *** got
A hell of a space might just go call me
A cat *** cause now i’m hella paid
*** take smoking who what he had

Heaven gates got his ass on the chop is
Never tired like kevin gates i’ve been
Spending hella cash these ***
So i

Sending a *** off the shins yeah get a
*** hit by 30 000 man
That’s our town everybody