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Foolio – Looking For You Lyrics

I've been, fighting real depression
Trying to, cope this shit slowly

[Verse 1]
I'm tryna heal from the inside
Remember when shooting them niggas on [?] (Facts)
My first gun was a deuce five (Boom)
Post on the block all day throwing 6 signs (6 block)
I'm steady coping with drugs
Wondering if they have a heaven for thugs (Heaven for thugs)
Nobody showing me love
In love with the trenches, she gave me a hug (Gave me a hug)
I'm steady fighting depression
Don't wanna die, so I stay with my weapon (Stay with my weapon)
Took losses, but took them in lessons
Had blood on my shoes, just like giuseppe (Just like giuseppe)
Everything I see, red
Demons and voices, get out of my head (Out of my head)
I know niggas want me dead
I feel like Osama, I got niggas scared (Six)
Momma had told me to thank god
Even though I'm with the demons, on the low ride
Known to the pain, I can't cry
Ain't shit dropping crazy when Mitch died
I had to carry his casket
Slide through the opps, had to shoot me a basket
Gotta get back, focused and rappin'
But I'm still trying to catch me a nigga in traffic
I been, out all day (Come outside nigga)
Come outside, let's play
I have been, looking for you
I wanna let bygones be bygones
But I still want revenge for Zion
I'm in the trenches with lions
That was one of my fears
Now I'm prepared, it is what it is
All of the pain through the years

I been, out all day
Come outside, let's play
I have been, looking for you

On the six, we bully the bullies
Playing with voodoo, and dodging them bullets
Fuck a mask, I'm grabbing my hoodie
Glock got a switch, one bullet in the [?]
In Cali, I'm finally [?]

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