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Blade Brown – In The Air Lyrics

[Verse 1]
So many rumours on my name and ain't none of them facts (None)
Niggas talking like I'm sittin' with grub in the flat (Huh?)
Chatty patty bruddas, they loving the chat (Love it)
I'm with a ten ten thing and she rubbing my back (Ah)
You really think I give a fuck about a top ten? (Nah)
Boy, if we're talkin' bar for bar, brudda top ten (Trust)
How they rapping 'bout tools but don't pop them? (How?)
How they rapping 'bout jewels but don't drop gems? (How?)
I told my brother “Man, it's all about runs”
Can't be juggin every second, boy, you're gonna get spun
Plus the game ain't the same, you're gonna get crumbs
Man, it's comin' like a setup and we know the outcome

I feel it in the air (Air), they ain't playin' fair (Nah)
Handshake ain't matchin' the smile and the stare (Ain't)
You couldn't walk a mile in my Air's
Had some trials and some mares and I'm standin' right here

[Verse 2]
They ain't rubbing me out (Nah), I'm no fuckin' martyr
I move with the times, do things a little smarter
We gave them the answer, BXB bossa
Plenty more coming, please chill, that's a starter
And free all my brudda's that's stuck in the slammer (Yeah)
‘Cause black lives matter (Yeah), and trap lives matter
A man tryna feed his fam, yeah, that life matters (Trust)
Everybody wanna judge but all I hear is the chatter
Give a fuck about a blogger, talkin' on pages
I've been payin' wages for ages (Ages)
Settin' up stores, nah, this ain't just a phase
Somethin' I was raised with, that “Go get money everyday shit”
Put me in the booth and I give you the truth (I will)
Put me in the coupe and I'm liftin' the roof
Came a long way from screamin' out “Gimme the loot”
Niggas tellin' lies on me, tell 'em “Gimme the proof” (Gimme the proof)

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